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View Resource Planning the Islamic Republic: Economic Expertise and Development in Pakistan, 1947-71

Amna Qayyum (Princeton University) was a 2016 AIPS Short-Term Research Grant awardee who conducted two months of research in Islamabad. Qayyum's research sought to understand postcolonial economic development and policy in Pakistan during the period from 1947 to 1971.
View Resource Financial Rationalization of the Shari'a by Conducting a Textual and Ethnographic Study of Interactive Labors between Mufti's and Financial Engineers

Sohaib Khan was a 2018 AIPS Short-Term Research Grant awardee who conducted research in Lahore. Khan studies "the financial rationalization of the Sharī‘a by conducting a textual and ethnographic study of the interactive labors between Muftīs and financial engineers."
View Resource From Fatwas to Finance: An Ethnography of Shari’ah Compliant Banking in Pakistan.

Sohaib Khan (Columbia University) was a 2014 AIPS Short-Term Research Grant awardee who conducted research in Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan. Khan's research focused on the Deobandis of Pakistan and their capitalistic inroads through Islamic banking and finance
View Resource Gulfee Gangsterism: Masculinity and Migration in Pakistan

Salman Hussain was a 2019 AIPS Fellow and conducted research in the United Arab Emirates for five months. Hussain collected information through primarily interview based work to "[document] the process of setting up a small company and the processes and licenses through which a small construction crew incorporates itself and the crew-boss acquires visa-quotas to hire other migrant laborers."