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View Resource Can you ‘see’ slavery? Black skins, brown skins, and the price of in/visibility in colonial India

"Can you 'see' slavery?" by Mishal Khan explores the role race has played in colonial India with respects to slavery. By looking at how racial groups were affected in different ways with respects to slavery in India and what consequences did that have on identity and social status, Khan is able to offer a contemporary view into an identity crisis that continues to have impacts on Indian society...
View Resource Translucent Citizenship: Khwaja Sira Activism and Alternatives to Dissent in Pakistan

Faris Khan explores the recent activism of the 'Khwaja Sira,' a group of gender nonconforming people with cultural significance. Khan explores the recent gains made in the legal rights of the Kwaja Sira and how activism has shaped the movement into society.
View Resource University of Oregon Webinar: Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan: Local Actions, Local Voices

Anita Weiss (University of Oregon) discusses her new book, "Countering Violent Extremism in Pakistan: Local Actions, Local Voices." Dr. Weiss explores how local leaders are speaking out against violent extremism that has permeated Pakistani culture over the past decade.
View Resource Corruption and Impunity in Pakistan

William Johnson was a 2012-2013 AIPS Fellow and conducted research in Pakistan for 2 months. Johnson's project "focuses on how lawyers and non-lawyers alike work with (and within) judicial systems that the international community considers extremely corrupt. It focuses on perceptions and misperceptions of corruption across societies, with an emphasis on how and why different cultures define...
View Resource Fleeing Violence: Gender, Human Rights, and Trafficking in Women in Pakistan

Farhan Yousaf (University of Connecticut) was s 2014 AIPS Short-Term Research Grant awardee who travelled to Punjab, Pakistan, in order to collect data for research pertaining to trafficking in women in Pakistan.
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