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View Resource Politics of Mediation and Regulation in 21st Century Pakistani News Media

Asif Akhtar was a 2018-19 AIPS Fellow and conducted research in the United Kingdom for six months. Akhtar aimed to "study the contemporary ‘media system’ in Pakistan in terms of technological change, the regulatory impetus it has driven, and the discursive and practical impact these have had on contemporary politics."
View Resource The Resonant Tomb: Sufi Shrines in the Indo-Persian World

Shundana Yusuf was a 2017-18 AIPS Fellow and conducted research in India and Iran for four months. Yusuf "explores the importance of audition in the history of Islamic architecture."
View Resource CultureTalk Pakistan

CultureTalk features video clips of interviews and discussions with people from many different countries and of many different ages and walks of life. Some interviews and discussions are in English; more are in languages other than English. Translations and/or transcripts are given for all non-English video clips.
View Resource Tele-guiding: Religion and Television in Contemporary Pakistan

Elizabeth Bolton was a 2014-2015 AIPS Fellow and conducted research in Islamabad for 5 months. Bolton's research seeks "to understand the ways in which religious cable television programming re/mediates the process of spiritual guidance and reconfigures viewers’ relationship to religious authority in urban Pakistan."
View Resource Research on the changing contours of the media in Pakistan

Kiran Ahmed (The University of Texas at Austin) was a 2013 AIPS Short-Term Research Grant awardee who conducted research in Sialkot, Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Ahmed's pre-dissertation research focused on Urdu popular fiction and how those stories have emerged in contemporary media.
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