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View Resource Ending Terror in Kashmir

By exploring the February 14th suicide bombing in Kashmir that killed 46 Indian security personnel, Yelena Biberman offers insight into the border disputes between Pakistan and India in Kashmir. Both sides appear to be engaging in state-sponsored violence in hopes of gaining the upper hand in the region that has been at the center of foreign policy in the region for decades.
View Resource China and Pakistan Have Struck a Devil’s Bargain With Militants

Yelena Biberman and Jared Schwartz offer insight into a decision by the Chinese government to block a terrorist designation by the UN of Masood Azhar and the Jaish-e-Mohammed group. Choosing instead to focus on economic and foreign policy with Pakistan and Afghanistan, China is working to stabilize the region and further expand its ambitious Belt and Road initiative.
View Resource Law, Culture, and Governance in Hunza

This special edition of the Nordic Journal of Law and Social Research focuses on the Hunza Valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. Drawing on a multi-author, interdisciplinary approach, the journal examines the political geography, anthropology, history, and civil society in the Hunza Valley today.
View Resource Pakistan’s Nuclear Bomb: A Story of Defiance, Deterrence and Deviance

Kamran Bokhari talks with National Defense University Professor Hassan Abbas about his latest book, which covers the development of the Pakistani nuclear program and its role in the spread of nuclear technology. Abbas, author of “Pakistan’s Nuclear Bomb: A Story of Defiance, Deterrence and Deviance,” sheds light on the reasons Pakistan chose to develop a nuclear bomb, how it did so without being...
View Resource Policy Roundtable: The Future of South Asia

In this policy and international affairs discussion, a series of 5 articles seek to examine the relationship and rising tensions between India and Pakistan. Drawing on issues ranging from the Kashmir border crisis to escalating nuclear hostilities, the future of policy discussion and political stability of the region are analyzed.
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